Floor Tile Installation at Home – Everything You Need to Do It

You are finally ready to apply the tile to your floor. Jordan’s tile, installer from Calgary, will provide you the best tips on how to install floor tile below:

To do floor tile installation, you should already have the area measured and cleaned. You should start in the middle of the floor. Find the middle point of each wall and use a chalk line to connect it to the middle point of the wall opposite. This will give you a cross in the center of the floor where you can start. This ensures that your plan does not offset.

Applying the Mortar

The first step is to apply the mortar for the tile. Do this in small stretches, and make sure you can reach the entire area. Your trowel should have a flat and notched edge. Start by applying a small layer of mortar with the flat edge of the trowel. Before that dries, apply another layer using the notched edge of the trowel. This will allow air bubbles to escape when you lay the tile.

Setting the Tile

Once the mortar is set, lay the tile over the same area. You should get some tile spacers that can be placed between each tile. This will ensure that all of the tiles have the same amount of space between them. Place pressure on the tile with your fingers widespread and wiggle it with a slight twist of the wrist. This will help it set better.

Final Cuts

If you have to make any final cuts to fit a tile in place, use a snap cutter or other industrial knife. This should help you make any small adjustments without having to use the wet saw again.


The final step is to apply the grout between the tiles. Only do this once the mortar has already dried (between 24 to 48 hours). You may then apply the grout to the gaps between the tiles. Apply pressure to make sure that there are no air bubbles. You will get grout on the tile itself. Don’t worry about this because you can easily wash it off when it’s dry.

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